Charles Ferraro was born in 1975. Ferraro grew up and currently resides in Austin, TX.
He cofounded the GAT5 artist collective with his brother James in 2003.

solo exhibitions
2007 Galapagos. Williamsburg, Brooklyn [ GAT5 ]
2007 Purgatory & Paleontology. 1906 gallery. Austin, TX [ GAT5 ]
2004 Diverse Arts Gallery, Guadalupe Arts Center. Austin, TX

select group exhibitions
2007 East Austin Studio Tour. Austin, TX
2007 HOPE. Los Angeles City Hall. Los Angeles, California
2007 The Gathering. Austin, TX
2006 East Austin Studio Tour. Austin, TX
2006 American Institute of Architecture Homes Tour. Austin, TX
2006 Austin Fine Arts Festival. Austin, TX
2005 East Austin Studio Tour. Austin, TX
2001 The University of Texas. Austin, TX
1999 Artworks. San Marcos, TX
1998 South By Southwest Film Festival. Austin, TX
1998 Artworks. San Marcos, TX

2006 Austin Chronicle Best of Austin - Best Painter/Sculptor

published + radio + television
Cantanker Visual Arts Magazine. 2007
Rare Magazine Cover Story. 2007
Austin Chronicle East Austin Studio Tour Preview
Austin Chronicle Best of Austin 2006
Austin American Statesman 2004
KLBJ FM 2006
ME Television 2006

2001 BA Studio Art The University of Texas


“It’s no secret in Austin or anywhere else, that the painter, sculptor, photographer, renaissance man, Charles Ferraro is in fact a bulldog, a force of nature, the hurricane beside a dusty road, a hot brush in the hands of a young master. Is it the oil, the fact that maybe we are all Beautiful Fools looking into one another for some redeeming quality or is it that maybe we are looking at the last of a breed, the last of what’s left in the Texas population that could matter.”
-Gary Parrish, Farfalla Press

“Charles is the Andy Warhol of Austin.”
-Johnny Goudie Recording Artist

“The work deals with artist angst and general disgust with
most of the world.”

- Rachel Koper The Austin Chronicle